ID Academy

ID Academy is one of Scandinavia’s largest centers for education and courses in psychotherapy, coaching, self development, spiritual development and meditation with three locations around Denmark and more than 2000 active students and graduates connected on the web-based University of ID Academy (ID Academy’s intranet).

ID Academy is led by spiritual teacher, Ole Vadum Dahl, who has been working professional with integrative spirituality, education and treatment for more than 35 years.

ID Academy invites different spiritual teachers and lecturers on the integral area to come to Denmark.

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Meetings with John de Ruiter at ID Academy Silkeborg and Copenhagen

The meetings in Denmark will begin with a half-hour candid meditative silence, where John de Ruiter alternately will take eye contact with everyone in the hall and create an opportunity for you to get in contact with something deep and originally in yourself. You will then have the opportunity to ask John questions about life, …

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